Sunday, June 08, 2008

A self-fulfilling prophecy in reverse?

So Hillary Clinton has finally conceded (sort of) that Obama won the nomination. And in doing so, she has proven that her failure to be nominated was the right decision.

Allow me to explain, and to first disclaim that I didn't particularly care which of these candidates won the nomination.

It's been obvious to most observers for a while now that Obama's lead was mathematically insurmountable. And yet she stayed in the race well past that point, and despite it's essentially irrefutable logic. I think this showed a disturbing inability to recognize reality and deal with it, instead clinging to an alternate reality despite any inconvenient (yet obvious) evidence to the contrary.

Pretty much all Democrats/liberals (and even most conservatives at this point) point out that Bush's single biggest flaw as a president has been that he has wrapped himself in a bubble and has refused to acknowledge even the most obvious data that is contrary to his world view.

So regardless of whether or not her winning or losing was the right decision by the Democratic primary process, in delaying her recognition of the obvious she has demonstrated quite convincingly (to me, anyway) that she suffers from precisely the same character flaw that Democrats have been railing against (directly or indirectly) in Bush for his entire term.

And thus she has proven that if she were to be elected, she would likely be just like him, only with a different political lens. I.e., she's campaigning on the message that we need to replace Bush, yet she has proven herself to suffer his worst flaw! And thus, in selecting someone else, the Democratic party has created a reverse self-fulfilling prophecy!

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