Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Is Canada preparing to attack the US?

I'm getting quite worried about an imminent attack on the US, and this time the threat is not from radical Islamicists. I fear that our neighbor to the North is plotting an attack.

All of the evidence is there, if we as a nation would only open our eyes and face up to the facts.

First of all, I notice that Canada has slowly been creeping closer and closer - almost imperceptibly - until it has come right up against our northern border. In fact, if you just step across the 49th parallel from south to north, you'll discover that Canada is right there!

They've also been moving their populations closer to us in anticipation of an attack. Something like 75% of all Canadians live within just 90 miles of the US border! They seem so friendly, those Canadians, but why else would they be inching their country and their people so close to us if there were no underlying sinister intentions?

Finally, I'll point out the most shocking fact of all: Canada has quietly gone ahead and created their own military, their own government, and has even begun printing their own money. Why would they do these things if not for an intent to govern? Clearly they are intent upon imposing themselves upon us, usurping all for which we stand.

It is time for Americans to recognize the Canadian threat and go to defend our borders!

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